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Grey Limbo



The Pollinator Pathway at Casagmo

So far there are six pollinator "anchor" gardens or plantings in Ridgefield at the corner of Simpaugh Turnpike and Rt. 7 along the Norwalk River and five on Main Street at Keeler Tavern, Jesse Lee Methodist Church, The Aldrich Museum, St. Stephen's Episcopal Church and Casagmo!

The Ridgefield Pollinator Pathway is a collaboration of Caudatowa Garden Club, Norwalk

River Watershed Association, RACE, Ridgefield Conservation Commission, Ridgefield Garden Club, Ridgefield Public Library, Woodcock Nature Center, and with the support of the Land Conservancy of Ridgefield, Norwalk River Valley Trail, Hudson-to-Housatonic Partnership, Highstead Foundation, and the community of Ridgefield.

What is a Pollinator Pathway?

  • pesticide-free corridors of native plants that provide nutrition and habitat for pollinators 

  • these protected corridors are created from a partnership of public and private properties 

  • even the smallest of available green spaces like flower boxes and curb strips can be part of the pathway

Their goal is to create a corridor of contiguous pollinator-friendly properties including the open spaces in Ridgefield and the adjacent private ones belonging to residents.  Watch as our pathway expands at Casagmo!

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